Advocating our Industry's ability to self-govern

The RCC will formulate, deliberate and express the united voice, and be the representative body of the Residential Community Industry (RCI), including all aspects with respect to the interaction between the industry and government (whether national, provincial or local), or any other statutory bodies, as well as interaction with other public or private individual, entity or institution with regards to matters which may be of concern or interest to the RCI or RCC.

The RCC will establish, regulate, and sustain the National Working Committee and Regional Working Committees on behalf of its Members throughout the industry, to carry out the functions identified by the Members as being consistent with those of a self-regulating industry. These Regional Working Committees will nominate their respective members to serve on the Board of the RCC.

The RCC will also ensure the effective representation to government at all levels, as well as civil society, as the single voice of the RCI, and establish and implement appropriate policy frameworks and policies for the RCI.

Essentially when we as an Industry need to make representation to any level of Government on specific issues, make comment on proposed legislation, or join any legal matters, this will be channeled through the RCC as the Industry representative body and voice.

It is highly recommended that all current and new ARC members become members of the RCC. As new members join ARC or existing members renew, a separate RCC membership of 15% of the ARC fee will be added to the annual invoice and these funds will be transferred to the RCC account for responsible use in carrying out its objectives.

For information on the RCC's annual budget, please contact Jeff Gilmour on 083 4444176 or email at info@rccouncil .co.za should more detailed information be required.

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