Why the RCC?

When we act as a collective industry, we have much more chance of success.

During recent times, our industry has intervened in matters where the implications of these going wrong would have had a negative impact on all members of the industry. The success in these matters would not have been possible unless we stood together as an industry specifically in the collective funding of these. It is unfortunate however that only a small percentage of estates were prepared to contribute, even though the benefits of these matters positively impacted on all estates in the Residential Community Industry.

This was evident in the recent SCA judgment between an owner and Mount Edgecombe Estate 2 where we were granted amicus by the courts. Regrettably less than 20 estates contributed to the costs of this and yet this judgment, that was based largely on the evidence presented by amicus, benefited every estate around the country.

Two other important matters that were successful based on us standing together was the clearance certificate matter, where, with NAMA, we were amicus in the High Court, and the Income tax practice note from SARS in the matter of charging tax on building penalties, rather than regarding this as the same as normal levies. For copies of these judgments, please e mail info@rccouncil.co.za.

An important reason for the establishment of the Residential Communities Council (RCC) is to facilitate, as an Industry body, the intervention in legal matters as well as influencing legislation affecting the Industry.

The Property Practitioners Act (PPA)
The RCC has obtained an opinion on how the PPA may affect the Residential Community Industry and the HOA. Please e mail us on info@rccouncil.co.za to access a copy of this opinion.

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)
The RCC has drafted a framework of implementation for POPI compliance. . Please e mail us on info@rccouncil.co.za to access a copy of this framework

This will take place on 12 November 2020 at 14h00 via Zoom. Notices were sent out on 16 October 2020 to all members. Should you require any further information please click here

The second quarterly meeting with CSOS and ARC was held in September 2020. Please email info@rccouncil.co.za for a copy of the minutes.

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